Refurbished Year Guarantee

Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee

Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee
Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee
Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee
Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee
Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee

Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee   Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee

CHOOSE THE GREENER OPTION A FULLY REFURBISHED SEBO CLEANER. WITH A SET OF NEW TOOLS. PERFORMANCE YOU CAN RELY ON. The X4 EXTRA ECO is a vacuum cleaner of professional quality, performance and reliability that is designed for use in your home. The Computer Control System optimises performance by ensuring that the 31 cm wide brush is always at the correct height.

It also protects the machine, for example by shutting down the motor if there is a blockage. Other innovative and practical features include cassette style brush roller removal and a patented integrated wand for extended reach.

The long Stair Cleaning Hose gives you a reach of up to 6 metres and the very long 10 metre cable also gives a tremendous cleaning range without having to change power points. SEBO upright cleaners will work when completely flat, making it possible to vacuum under furniture and other difficult areas.

SEBO use reinforced toothed belts, which won't slip or stretch. The belts are designed to last the life of the machine. The high performance motor, the Computer Control System and the efficient air flow design combine to give outstanding cleaning results. Made in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners are constructed from high quality materials. SEBO FILTER SYSTEM - CLEAN LIVING. Clean indoor air is paramount for those who suffer from allergies, have pets, small children, or who just want a dust free home. The X4 EXTRA ECO comes with an S-Class Filtration System that meets the demanding requirements of asthma and allergy sufferers, because the fine dust particles are firmly retained inside the machine and not released into the air. The vertical design enables air to flow into the microfilter through the sides of the multi-layer electrostatic fleece bag, rather than passing down through all the collected dirt - allowing the vacuum cleaner to give constant cleaning performance. The filtration system is so effective because it uses the principle of electrostatic attraction. The filter fibres have a static charge, which attracts particles to them - in the same way that static attracts dust to your television screen. Other filters clog because they act as a physical barrier to dust. The electrostatic material has a relatively open texture which lets air flow easily yet traps dust particles, thus giving excellent filtration and optimal suction. Three stages of filter clean the air before it is exhausted. Stage one consists of the patented sealable multi-layer electrostatic fleece filter bag. This effectively retains bacteria, allergens and other potentially harmful substances for safe disposal. The second stage is the Micro Filter, positioned beside the filter bag which also protects the motor.

The third filter is the Exhaust Filter. This final filtration process ensures the air emitted from the vacuum cleaner is clean and pure. What do the symbols on the label mean?

An Energy Label has to be included with all mains powered vacuum cleaners produced from September 1st 2014. The tests as specified for the Energy Label have to be conducted in an artificial laboratory environment and are not representative of how vacuum cleaners are actually used. Furthermore, the tests do not inform customers of their real world performance. For example, all the tests involve picking up special sand, yet sand is very rare in homes. However, the most common materials to be picked up, hair and fibre, are not tested for at all. A vacuum cleaner that is very good at picking up sand may well be very bad at picking up hair and fibre. SEBO vacuum cleaners are designed first and foremost to be good vacuum cleaners in customers?

The on-board computer controls the powered height adjustment system, automatically adjusting to the floor surface. It ensures that the brush is at the optimum cleaning position and even compensates for brush wear.

The green lights on the information display panel tell you when the machine is changing height. Red lights indicate when the machine needs checking (for example if there is a blockage). If a red light is ignored, the computer will automatically shut the vacuum cleaner down to prevent damage and the red light will flash to indicate the nature of the problem.

The Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle and Dusting Brush have been designed to be stored'on board' for quick access and tidy storage. The Stair Cleaning Hose is not designed to be stored on the machine. Carrying handles on the front and rear make the machines easy to lift and carry.

Through intelligent design, all routine maintenance can be done without tools, replacing the brush roller and changing the filter bags and filters couldn't be easier. All orders received before 1pm Mon-Fri will be sent out the same day.

Please report any problems caused in transit within 24 hours of your cleaner being delivered. Unfortunately the following surcharges for other areas will be applicable. Other surcharges will apply for: Scottish Isles, Scilly Isles, Channel Isles and Isle of Man.

Please do not return your cleaner to us until you have spoken to a staff member and gained authorisation. Should any fault occur within this 12 MONTH period, then we will repair the cleaner free of charge.

Customers are liable for the cost of returning the cleaner to us during the 12 MONTHS guarantee. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR CLEANER TO US FOR ANY REASON WITHOUT HAVING CONTACTED US BEFOREHAND. Please pack the cleaner in the box it was originally supplied in. The courier will have a pre-addressed label with him, so you do not need to label the box. Exclusions and conditions to the 12 MONTH guarantee.

General everyday wear and tear:? Broken drive belt, choked filter, blockages, etc. Any vacuum cleaner can become blocked, usually by small items of clothing, childrens toys, etc. Dyson cleaners are extremely simple to unblock, and this is covered in the original Dyson user manual. If you need any further assistance in unblocking your Dyson, please message us and we'll be pleased to help. Use of the cleaner other than domestic usage. Your Dyson cleaner is designed as a domestic vacuum cleaner and cleaners used in pubs, clubs, restaurants etc will not be covered by our 12 MONTH guarantee. Repairs attempted by any third party will result in the guarantee becoming null and void, unless by prior arrangement. We will not pay for any repairs carried out or attempted by anyone other than our own service engineers. Will I receive any tools with my cleaner? We supply all of our refurbished Dyson cleaners complete with a full set of on-board tools, new combination and upholstery/stair tool.

How long is the guarantee? We supply all of our refurbished Dyson cleaners with a full 12 MONTH parts and labour guarantee.

Please see the full listing for terms and conditions. Is the cleaner in full working order?

The cleaner has been refurbished to the very highest of standards by our team of professional service engineers and is in full working order. The cleaner has also been P.

T tested for electrical safety, in accordance with U. What is the cosmetic condition of the cleaner? As close to perfect as we can possibly make it. As this is a used cleaner there may be some slight marks or imperfections which we cannot remove, no matter how thorough the cleaning process.

This will not affect the performance or the reliability of the cleaner in any way. My cleaner was damaged upon arrival, what do I do? My cleaner appears to have a fault, how do I get it repaired? The vast majority of problems can be resolved without having to return the cleaner to us, so please do not return the cleaner to us for any reason, without having first spoken to a member of staff.
Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee   Sebo X4 Automatic Blue Refurbished 12 Months Guarantee